Home Security Company Review – LiveWatch/SafeMart

LiveWatch (also now known as SafeMart) has quickly moved up the ranks of top home security companies to claim the #2 spot on our list thanks to great prices, a very simple and easy to use, yet powerful website and being the absolute go to for DIY security solutions. Still falling behind FrontPoint on our overall list, they are hot on their heels.

LiveWatch Home Security Review

  • Security Quality
  • Customer Service
  • Equipment
  • Home Automation
  • Ease of Use
  • Price
  • Extras



LiveWatch/SafeMart receive the #2 spot on our ranking list of home security systems thanks to their awesome website, huge selection and great prices.

Helpful support who are there only to help and not to sell you anything make LiveWatch a pleasure to deal with and their excellent cellular monitoring service makes them a secure option for your home.


Outstanding Prices

Thanks to providing direct sales of all their equipment right to you, the end user, prices are able to be kept as low as possible and ordering one or multiple new pieces is very easy. There is also a price match guarantee, so if you find an item for a low price let them know and they’ll match the price if it is from a legitimate competitor. (ie. no ebay etc)

They also really stand out in their monthly monitoring prices where they have some of the lowest prices available. If you’re setting up a new system be sure to keep an eye on their current super sale which includes the main control panel and usually some extra sensors or other special offer at as much as 60% off the normal price!

#1 Website with Great Support

LiveWatch provides an excellent online shopping experience with an easy to navigate website in a layout we’re very familiar with from other online stores. The exceptional number or products available lets you customize your system the way you want it.

If there is trouble with the website for any reason, or you have other questions, LiveWatch also has a great support team who will walk you through the steps, help you find everything you need and our rep even gave us their email and extension number in case we had any more questions. Also that A+ rating with the BBB is your assurance that they treat complaints fairly and do their best to solve any problems you might have.

Equipment and Brand Freedom

livewatch home security review brands availableWhile most companies deal with only one brand of equipment, LiveWatch provides you with a much broader range of choices. Both wired and wireless home security systems are available, as long as several different brands to allow you to integrate with any existing systems you may have or get all the parts to start a totally new one from scratch.

The Ultimate DIY Experience

In our world of Amazon and other online shopping giants, many of us have come to love the experience of buying online and setting things up the way we’d prefer to have them.

Through their top notch website, LiveWatch is able to offer exactly that and provide some of the best service available for DIY installers. Many people prefer DIY installs for home security systems and would rather not have a stranger come into their home and know all the ins and outs of their home security system, potentially giving them full access later on as you may have heard horror stories about.

Your Choice of Monitoring and all the Right Features

Unlike most other companies, which require you to buy monitoring with them, LiveWatch provides the equipment and lets you decide if monitoring is right for you. LiveWatch monitoring is provided by Criticom, a UL listed company which boasts average response times of 18 seconds in an industry with an average of over 30 seconds.

This is where LiveWatch best price shine, as their monitoring prices are among the lowest in the industry and include full cellular service. Another very cool free add-on is ASAPer which allows you to instantly communicate with a group of people (neighbors, family members and other people who use/live near your house) so that when an alarm goes off you can immediately find out the situation. Check out how it works in the video below.

You’ll also get all the right tools for home automation and full control of the system from mobile devices from Alarm.com, Crash and Smash protection, text alerts and even severe weather warnings. All this plus you can take it with you if you move.

 SafeMart/LiveWatch Home Security Review Comparison Chart

safemart and livewatch logo
LiveWatch Home Security
AKA SafeMart
Overall Ranking #2
Monthly Cost$29.95 Cellular with Interactive Messaging
$34.95 Total Home with Interactive Messaging
ADDON $9.95/mo Live Video (per 4 cameras)
NOTE - Monitoring is not compulsory
Activation FeeNo Activation Fees but a $49 "plug and protect service" is required to activate monitoring
Trial Period90 days on 12 month contract
Monitoring Connection Type100% Cellular
(Live stream cameras require a Broadband Internet Connection)
Monitoring Company
Equipment IncludedNone choose and pay for exactly what you want.
Be sure to check out the weekly deals on system control panels.
Mobile App
mobile alarm app
Yes, Alarm.com app, FREE included with Cellular packages
As well as ASAPer Emergency Alarm Communication System
Keypad/Touch Screen Pad
security panel keypad
Many Brands Available. Prices below for:
GE Simon XT included in $159 weekly sale packages / $119 GE Simon XT Digital Touch Screen as secondary panel only

Simon XTi available for $49 extra
Door and Window Open Sensor
door window sensor
$29 each
Glass Break Sensors
glass break sensor
$79 each
Motion Sensors
motion sensor
$67 each
Key Chain Remote Control
keychain remote
$30 each
Smoke Detector
smoke detector
$79 each
Other Detectors
CO $99 each
Flood $49
Medical/Panic 2-way Keypad $75
Freeze/Low Temp $47
Home Automation -Thermostat
zwave automated thermostat
$159-$199 each
Home Automation - Light Control$59 each for Dimmer or Fluorescent on/off
Home Automation -Electronic Door Locks
zwave electronic deadbolt
$249 each
Video Surveillance
wireless surveillance camera
Wireless Indoor Fixed $199 each
Wireless Indoor Pan and Tilt $329 each
Outdoor $349 each

$100 discount per cam up to 2
Installation MethodDIY
No Pro install available
BBB Rating
bbb logo
Warranty on EquipmentDepends on Manufacturer
Important NotesConstantly running sales for the alarm system basics
Contract Length12 months with 90 day return then month to month
3 year 39.95/month with 200 off equipment
Customer Service
(We make 2 calls)
Great. SafeMart is the most DIY of all the companies we called but their support staff are still excellent. They helped us understand the website and answered all our questions. Very easy to talk to. No pressure as they are not on commission.

Why Choose LiveWatch

Here are the qualities that make LifeWatch great. We think they offer everything a great home security system should with fantastic prices.

  • Large selection of top notch equipment
  • Totally DIY
  • Excellent cellular monitoring
  • Best Prices on monitoring
  • Awesome website makes it easy to buy what you want and add extras later
  • Monitoring not a requirement
  • Great surveillance options
  • Alarm.com and ASAPer app integration
  • Z-Wave Home Automation
  • A+ BBB Rating and great customer service
  • 90 Day trial period
  • Easy to relocate

When not to choose LiveWatch

If you aren’t comfortable choosing your own equipment, choosing what to put where and installing it yourself then LiveWatch will not be a good choice for you.

Making a Decision

Now that you know everything there is to know about LiveWatch it is time to act and protect your home. If you’re still unsure if LiveWatch is the right choice, check out our comparisons of top companies and systems for more information.