8 Best Reasons to Get a Home Security System

Installing a home security system can be a big decision. If you’re wondering about some of the benefits a system brings or if it is right for you we’ve compiled some of the best reasons to install or upgrade your system below.

8 great reasons to get home security

Save Money

You’re probably wondering how a home security system, with a monthly fee, could possibly save you money. There are actually a lot of ways. As soon as you install a home security system in your home you can call up your insurance company, let them know and instantly get up to 20% off your home insurance rates. Depending on what your rates are, that could completely cancel out the monthly fee for monitoring, but that’s not all!

You’ll also save on potential losses (which is why your insurance company is so pleased) by avoiding future issues like: Fire, flooding, frozen pipes and theft. Homes with security systems are at least 3 times less likely to be burgled. The loss from an average home theft? Over $2,000 on average.

If you add some home automation  to your security system like appliance, light and thermostat control you are likely going to save even more on your electric and heating bills by having the system on or off depending when you’re home. All the savings will really start to add up in the long run.

Reduce the Chance of Break ins

Having an intruder in your home is a scary thought, whether you are there or not. Many break ins occur during the day, while most people are out of the house, so without an alarm system to protect you the bad guys will have free reign of your house, though most only need a few minutes to get away with a lot of your valuables.

Having a security system and displaying proof via a sticker in your window is a huge deterrent to would be thieves who usually move on to easier targets.

Protection from Fire

reason 3 for an alarm system - fire safetyFire is one of the most dangerous disasters in terms of loss of life and property in the US, killing more people than all other natural disasters. Even if you don’t have a security system it is very important that you install working smoke detectors in your home, however with a monitored system, you’ll receive immediate response from the fire department.

When it comes to fire every second counts. A small fire can turn into a large blaze in minutes, spreading around your house and causing thick choking smoke. Getting help ASAP is important.

Some home alarm systems with home automation will even turn off your air circulation system in the event of a fire, helping to slow the spread of smoke and oxygen.

Improved Safety for You and Your Family

Today’s systems are aimed at protecting your home from more than just theft. Carbon monoxide (a gas which is totally undetectable to humans) can kill in minutes, but with sensors you’ll be alerted to the danger. Alarm systems also provide emergency medical assistance at the push of a button, fire protection as well as notifying the authorities and setting off sirens if someone breaks in while you’re at home.

Protect your Valuables

Burglars don’t discriminate when it comes to stealing your possessions. If it is small enough to grab easily or looks like it is valuable it will go in the bag and things will get sorted out later. There is no thought to sentimental or irreplaceable items. What’s more, home burglars are generally very difficult to catch as there is little evidence to go on and unless they make a big mistake like trying to sell an Iphone with a serial number to a reputable pawn shop or are caught in the act there is a low chance they will be caught; only around 15% of stolen items are recovered by police.

An alarm system helps because thieves know that police are on the way, and the loud siren lets them know they’ve made a mistake. If you’ve put up stickers in your windows to let people know your home is protected by an alarm you are much less likely to ever suffer a break in. Even so, you should keep valuables hidden and out of the way, not in a nightstand or other easy to search place to prevent them from being stolen.

Great for Pets

reason 6 for a home alarm system - pet protectionIf you have a pet, an alarm system is a great way to keep an eye on them and make sure they are safe. There are motion sensors available that can differentiate between pets and people so setting your system when you aren’t at home isn’t a problem. If something does happen when no one is at home, like a fire, you’ll know right away and you’ll be able to get authorities to the scene and get your animal friend to safety.

If you’re interested in keeping a closer eye on things, you can also install cameras and check them out from anywhere on your mobile device to see how your pet spends their time at home.

Total Home Control

The modern home security system now does so much more. You’ll be in complete control of your house from anywhere with home automation controls on your laptop, phone or tablet. You can set the temperature, turn on/off lights and appliances or have them on timers, see who is at the door through surveillance cameras and then unlock the doors for them with the push of a button, which is a great tool for cleaning staff, dog walkers and even checking when the kids get home.

You can even set up alerts for different sensors to let you know if someone opens a liquor or medicine cabinet, goes in an off limits area or even if something doesn’t happen, like if the door doesn’t open at a certain time to let you know that someone is home from school. It sounds a bit like a cool sci-fi home but it’s totally real.

Reduce Stress and Worry Less

There are many ways that a home security system can make your life easier and reduce your stress levels.

Ever get the feeling that your forgot something that morning while getting ready after you get to work? With a security system you can check that your garage door and front door are both locked or that you closed that window.

Do you have a sick, elderly or other relative who is home alone a lot? You can be sure they’ll be safe from disaster with a monitored system and with handheld emergency buttons help can be dispatched right away.

Are you worried about your teenager, if they’re safe or what trouble they might be getting up to when you’re not around? Door sensors on the liquor cabinet or checking a surveillance camera will let you know about unauthorized partying.

If you leave your home empty, or your loved ones are often home without you, knowing your home is protected and seeing how things are going there will help you and your family feel safe.

What Do You Think?

The home security systems of today are the full package and cover you in so many ways. If you’re still not convinced that an alarm system is a good choice here are some more reasons to help convince you. If you already think that a home alarm is a good choice for your home, check out our top picks and reviews of home security systems and companies.

More Reasons to Get a Home Security System

  • If your home is broken into, less is stolen as thieves will get out more quickly knowing they’ve tripped an alarm. Properly secured valuables are much less likely to be found.
  • Some systems will pay part of your insurance deductible if you are the victim of theft.
  • Alarm systems are easy to set up yourself and totally wireless
  • A security system not only saves you money on insurance and other areas, but it increases the resale value of your home if you choose not to bring it with you.
  • Many people don’t consider the fire protection when buying a home security system, yet a home fire is reported every 20 seconds and is the third leading cause of at home fatalities.
  • Most burglars enter the home from a first floor door or window. Making sure your door is locked and secure with electronic deadbolts prevent entry via doors while glass break sensors will trigger your alarm if anyone tries to get in by breaking a window.
  • Most alarm companies will tailor a system to your house, giving you the best protection at the lowest price
  • Many people wait until after disaster has struck to get an alarm system. By being proactive and installing your home alarm system now, you can prevent disaster before it strikes.